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Efficient and Secure Data Processing Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

Most organizations these days prefer to outsource their data processing services to offshore expert data processing centers that allow them to reduce operational cost and increase profitability as well as focus on their core expertise and functions. If one has well-organized information, it will not only assist in conveying meaningful approach but also helps in quality decision making which assures best results in business.

At DataXpertz, we help you capture, extract, digitize and process data from various sources. We are equipped with over a decade of experience in delivering outstanding data process outsourcing services to global customers at such affordable rates. Our Online Data Processing services are valid for all kinds of textual data capturing which includes printed text, manuscripts, scanned images etc., and includes the following:

Forms Processing

Form processing service refers to the process of digitizing forms which are filled either manually or printed. DataXpertz provides Forms Processing Services to businesses of all types and assists them to draw out meaningful information from structured as well as unstructured forms, process the data and present it in the usable digital formats.

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, established methodology and professional team DataXpertz delivers unmatched quality with high level of accuracy. Our multi-level quality checks and controls enable us to work with formatted and unformatted form variants with custom security solutions and are undertaken with manual as well as automatic approach by our teams.

Our teams work on forms in hardcopy or scanned format and extract all the required and relevant information from them and organize it in an editable, digital format to make it easy for clients to locate, access and retrieve the data as and when the need arises. We regularly process surveys, coupons, questionnaires, and application forms. Our offer rich array of Form Processing services including:

  • Sales invoices processing.
  • Examination form processing.
  • Feedback forms processing.
  • Immigration forms processing.
  • OCR form processing.
  • Healthcare check-up forms processing.
  • Credit card applications processing.
  • Shipping documents processing.
  • Insurance claims forms processing.
  • Survey forms processing.
  • Mortgage claims form processing.
  • Travel and other expense claim form processing.

Optimize Efficiency: Expert Word Processing and Formatting Services

DataXpertz delivers efficient word processing and formatting services to help you type and format all kinds of documents including reports, manuals, survey forms and questionnaires, presentations, resumes, newsletters, product manuals etc., with accuracy and precision.

Our team is well experienced at applying various templates, borders and techniques to design and format documents as per the specific requirements of the client. To efficiently manage your data, we use the most appropriate format, font-face, font-size and page layout while processing your word documents and enable you to suitably structure and easily access and retrieve business-critical information, as and when required. Some of our word processing and formatting services include:

  • Text formatting including formatting headings, lists and numbering, adding footnotes etc.
  • Tables and figures including table of contents, list of figures and list of tables.
  • Page layout including margin setting, footers, headers, page numbering, columns and orientation.
  • Branding by using most appropriate font, color and style, company logo, borders, headers etc.
  • Adding captions and references throughout the documents to support facts, figures and tables.
  • File compilation by adding images, tables and appendices to the document.
  • Mail merging your documents to your customers personalized to their individual names.

Unleashing Document Image Processing Excellence

DataXpertz offers a comprehensive range of document image processing services to help business owners utilize the huge volumes of data stored in their images and create a dependable database that can be accessed and retrieved easily. Our team is capable of compiling data from a large volume of images and converting them into reliable, actionable data to help you make informed business decisions. The processed image data is delivered in the electronic format preferred by the client.

We are equipped with a highly trained and qualified team of professionals that assists in managing, scanning, indexing, and presenting critical data in the file format of your choice such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, TIFF, etc. Our services include:

  • Scan your printed image data using state-of-art scanners and digitize them for easy access and retrieval.
  • Labeling and indexing the digitized images, thus providing better search filters and enhancing data usability and accessibility.
  • Organize the processed image data in editable, electronic format and store it in the right database to facilitate easy retrieval.

Unlock Mailing List Compilation Mastery

DataXpertz helps its clients compile exhaustive mailing lists quickly and accurately. Our team of highly experienced professionals is skilled at compiling mailing lists exactly suited to the requirements of the business and customized to your preference. Our team ensures that the client’s marketing efforts reach the intended audience and augment client’s business and profits. Our team will compile mailing lists that are both accurate and current and can improve upon existing mailing lists wherever required.

Our team can compile mailing list from multiple input sources with efficiency and accuracy. We perform mailing list compilation from both online and printed directories. We also perform mailing list de-duplication, remove obsolete data from existing mailing lists and identify and add missing address components existing mailing lists.

Document Scanning and Indexing Service

Organizations and business offices of modern day are continuously moving away from their dependence on paper. Paper documents pose many constraints including difficulty in sharing, hard to retrieve and taking enormous amount of storage space and costs involved in its storage and maintenance. Preservation of paper documents over long period of time is another challenge that requires specialized staff and knowledge.

DataXpertz provides comprehensive, adaptable and affordable document and data Scanning and Indexing services to assist offices to move away from paper documents and into digital documentation and storing. We help clients scan, digitize and index documents and render them easily retrievable so that can our clients are able to do away with their numerous filing cabinets occupying costly real estate office space.

Why DataXpertz for Data Processing Services?

In the world of dynamic enterprise landscapes, green statistics processing is the spine of successful operations. At DataXpertz, we redefine excellence in records processing offerings, offering tailored solutions that propel your enterprise forward. Explore why deciding on DataXpertz sets you on a route to unequalled accuracy, reliability, and innovation.

1. Unrivalled Expertise:

DataXpertz brings a wealth of experience to the desk. Our pro team of records processing experts is well-versed in coping with diverse datasets across industries.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology:

Stay in advance with the brand new in era. At DataXpertz, we leverage current gear and software to beautify the efficiency and accuracy of our data processing offerings.

3. Tailored Solutions for Your Business:

Understanding that each enterprise has specific records processing requirements, we provide personalized answers. From custom facts cleaning algorithms to specialized records transformation workflows.

4. Data Security on the Core:

Your information's safety is our top priority. DataXpertz employs strong security features to make sure the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

5. Scalability for Business Growth:

As your business evolves, so do your information processing needs. DataXpertz gives scalable answers that grow with you. Whether you are a startups or an established company.

6. Timely Delivery, Every Time:

Time is of the essence, and at DataXpertz, we understand the importance of well-timed effects. Our streamlined strategies and green workflows assure that your facts processing tasks are brought right away without compromising accuracy.

7. Client-Centric Approach:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We work closely with you to understand your goals, challenges, and expectations.

8. Transparent and Competitive Pricing:

No hidden costs, no surprises. DataXpertz operates with transparency in pricing, supplying aggressive costs for our statistics processing offerings.

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