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Elevate Your Finances: Expert Accounting & Financial Data Services

Accounting and Financial data services at DataXpertz help free up your time so that you can optimize your productivity and can spend more time on your business-critical functions. We think of your business as ours and are ready to take up any tasks that you delegate to us. DataXpertz team willingly learns on the job to replicate your systems and processes to ensure high efficiency and satisfaction levels for its clients.

Our accounting and financial data services include:
  • 1 Spreading Financial Statements
  • 2 Earnings and Valuation Modeling
  • 3 Electronic Book-Keeping
  • 4 Payroll Processing
  • 5 Tax Forms Data Entry
  • 6 Receipts, Invoices and Bills data entry

Unlock Efficiency: Spreading Financial Statements Made Simple

Capturing and spreading financial statements and calculating financial ratios are key process and the first step in financial statement analysis. These are used by analysts in corporate finance, equity research, credit research; credit risk assessment etc. However, this activity is time consuming and bottom of the pyramid non-revenue generating activity.

DataXpertz backed with its experienced team of analysts provides spreading and analyzing financial statements services which includes but is not limited to balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements. The financial statements may be spread on MS Excel as well as on proprietary databases and the team can work with client customized spreadsheets or spreadsheet developed by team at DataXpertz. The team can also input relevant key performance indicators specific to the industry as well as off-balance sheet items in the financial statement spreadsheets. In addition, the spreadsheet may include peer and group comparison in the same market or industry to enable benchmark performances.

Elevate Your Finances: Expert Earning & Valuation Models

DataXpertz provides reliable financial modelling and company valuation support services that may even be customized to each client’s needs. Our services support fund managers and analysts in building and maintaining financial model across industry sectors and our capabilities include:

  • 1 Populating historical financial data
  • 2 Capital structure analysis models
  • 3 Comparable company analysis
  • 4 Simple and detailed company valuation models
  • 5 Detailed earnings estimation models, and
  • 6 Incorporating sensitivity analysis etc.

By leveraging our capabilities, our clients save time, money and effort in building and maintaining financial models and allow them faster turnaround during earnings seasons and other corporate actions. This allows clients analyst team to focus on revenue generating client facing activities by saving time on recurring, bottom of the pyramid activities. We can build models on our proprietary templates or can create firm-specific standard templates and databases.

Explore Electronic Book-keeping Solutions

DataXpertz provides a full range of accounting, book-keeping and taxation services geared towards assisting start-ups, small and mid-sized companies. Our aim is to help business owners to reduce time spent on business support activities and enable you focus on core business functions while ensuring best practices for your accounting functions.

We provide timely, cost effective, scalable, and customized accounting solutions. We are also providing back office Outsourcing Services to CPA’s & ACCA’s in US, UK, Canada, and Australia for accounting, bookkeeping, Payroll and tax returns.

Streamline Payroll Processing with DataXpertz

Payroll process outsourcing has become a critical management tool for cost containment and ensuring streamlined and error free payroll to its employees. DataXpertz provides payroll management and administration services where it takes care of all payroll processing requirements.

Through its simple and convenient solutions, we ensure correct and timely payment of salaries to employees as well as assist in regulatory compliances by employees and company including tax payment and returns, retirement benefits and compliance with other labor law requirements.

Tax Forms Data Entry Made Effortless

Tax forms are filed with both local and federal tax collection agencies and require mass processing of forms that deal with income, state, federal and other types of taxes.

DataXpertzcan accurately handle data entry of large quantities of tax forms using technology and professionally experienced team. We can assess the relevant data and provide efficient results with short turnarounds and in databases that is simplified for easy information retrieval.

Receipts, Invoices, and Bills – Our Data Entry Mastery

As business turnover increases, scaling up invoice, receipt and bills data entry could be a drain on valuable resources and increase operating costs. Outsource invoice data entry services to get rid of the tedious data entry work and keep your concentration on the core business. The bills and invoice data entry services involve the collection of data from the sales and purchase department and creating a database for the same to keep track records and generate the financial statistics of the business.

DataXpertz provides high quality receipt, bills, or invoice data entry services at cost effective economical prices. Our teams of operators are from the accounting background and are well versed with various accounting and database applications and packages. We can even customize the invoice data entry to suit your requirements and can be always assured of accuracy and efficiency.

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