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Efficient and Accurate Data Entry Services to Boost Your Business Productivity

Today’s businesses have to deal with large volumes of data to remain competitive, study trends, optimize resource utilization and maximize profitability. You may have to invest resources to deal with these huge data volumes and ensuring generation of quality and reliable data, which in turn shifts focus away from core activities while adds to costs. We at DataXpertz provide a wide gamut of data inputting services to diversified client base, helping them extract data from a multitude of sources like online applications, scanned images, applications, invoices, handwritten forms, questionnaires, etc., and manually enter the details in client's server, database or a file format.

Our data entry services include:
  • Basic data entry
  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Data Entry Validation
  • Data capture
  • Copy and paste service
  • Image data entry
  • Scanning and indexing services
Efficient and Accurate Data Entry Services to Boost Your Business Productivity
We provide cost-effective data entry and data processing services with high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, and total confidentiality.
Effortless Online Data Entry Solutions

Effortless Online Data Entry Solutions

At DataXpertz we provide efficient and cost-effective Online Data Entry or Remote Data Entry services. Our online data entry services are backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and an experienced team. DataXpertz can do a flawless data entry work into our clients’ online web based applications, databases or remote servers. Our well trained and with versatile experience team can perform a variety of online data entry tasks such as:

  • Online data entry of Cards and documents into online databases.
  • Online data entry from hand written documents.
  • Online data entry from hard or soft copies into any database or application format.
  • Online data entry from PDF and Image documents.
  • Online data entry of products for eStores.
  • Online data entry for Legal Documents.
  • Online data entry for mailing lists.
  • Online content conversion services.
  • Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting and indexing for any type of data.

Mastering Offline Data Entry Excellence

We at DataXpertx provide our clients quick, comprehensive, and cost-effective Offline Data Entry services. Our efficient and highly trained team helps your businesses grow in terms of competence, productivity and making data available in real time. You can trust us with your voluminous and complex data entry requirements as we have the ability to scale and skill according to the client requirements. As part of our Offline Data Entry services, we offer:

  • Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry.
  • Offline data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files.
  • Offline form filling.
  • Offline form processing.
  • Offline data capture.
  • Offline data collection.
Mastering Offline Data Entry Excellence
  • Data entry into database programs.
  • E-books entry, business cards entry, catalogues and labels’ entry.
Precision Data Capture Simplified
  • Printed documents such as reports, directories, index cards etc.
  • Instruction manuals, business cards, product warranties etc.
  • Application forms such as credit card, loans, product registration etc.
  • Shipping documents, surveys, questionnaires, coupons etc.
  • Medical claims, patient records, insurance claims etc.

Precision Data Capture Simplified

Business-critical data and information stored systematically in hard-copy files, digital documents and online applications are critical for real-time business decision making and day-to-day operations. DataXpertz offers a wide range of data capture services that helps convert your data from the physical format to the digital format saving storage space and making data available at a click of button anywhere across the globe.

DataXpertz’s team of professionals’ assists our clients extract and capture critical information from all types of documents whether handwritten, printed or scanned as well as online directories and catalogs. Our Data Capture/ Data Entry/ Data Keying services professionals can enter all kinds of data – textual or numeric – with ease and high level of accuracy.

DataXpertz uses advanced and automated data capturing technologies including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) when we have to fasten up the process due to large amount of data which needs to be processed within a given time frame. Data extracted from automated processes undergo through various quality checks to eliminate junk data or characters that may have crept in due to automation as well as checked for formatting errors wherever needed. We perform Data Capture services on:

  • Numeric documents like bank statements, credit card statements, financial statements.
  • Payroll records, time sheets (both printed matter and handwritten).
  • Image based documents such as charts, graphs, photographs, drawings etc.

Copy-Paste Magic: You’re Data, Your Way

Many a times, companies and organizations need to convert data and information stored in one format into another. Copying data and information from one format and pasting it on a file of another format is widely adopted method for achieving this.

Quite often, organizations and businesses need to convert data and information lying in one format into another. Copying data and information from one format and pasting it on a file of another format is a widely adopted means of doing this. Despite the seeming simplicity, however, the task has its own pitfalls. Copying and pasting data is extremely labor intensive and requires a large number of hands. The individuals performing the task also need to have a thorough knowledge of multiple file formats. Besides, the tedium of copying and pasting large volumes of data and information induces errors. Correcting them may turn out to be both costly and complicated.DataXpertz’s copy and paste services include:

  • Copying data and information from one digital format and pasting it on a file in another digital format.
  • Copying and pasting data from one database or one spread sheet to another.
  • Copying and pasting a large number of email addresses and website links.
Copy-Paste Magic: You’re Data, Your Way
  • Reference point product duplicates composite services.
  • Educational information duplicates composite services.
  • Copying and pasting data and information for developing websites and preparing marketing material.
Image Data Entry, Visualizing Perfection

Image Data Entry, Visualizing Perfection

DataXpertz also provides Image Data Entry services to enable its clients convert their scanned images into a format of their choice. DataXpertz efficiently and accurately captures the data from image documents and build it out into neat and workable databases that help your business attain higher levels of productivity. Our team is well trained and equipped to handle large volumes of data with ease and quick turnaround even for the most intricate image data entry projects. Like our other services, our image data entry services are highly cost competitive.

  • Scanned images’ data entry.
  • Image data entry into excel spreadsheet.
  • Image data entry into a database.
  • Data entry from scanned hand written documents.
  • Catalogue data entry.
  • Data entry from cards and books.
  • Legal documents’ data entry.

Document Scanning and Indexing Service

Organizations and business offices of modern day are continuously moving away from their dependence on paper. Paper documents pose many constraints including difficulty in sharing, hard to retrieve and taking enormous amount of storage space and costs involved in its storage and maintenance. Preservation of paper documents over long period of time is another challenge that requires specialized staff and knowledge.

DataXpertz provides comprehensive, adaptable and affordable document and data Scanning and Indexing services to assist offices to move away from paper documents and into digital documentation and storing. We help clients scan, digitize and index documents and render them easily retrievable so that can our clients are able to do away with their numerous filing cabinets occupying costly real estate office space.

Document Scanning and Indexing Service
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